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Def Manic - Blood Is Our Own Vizion lyrics

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Blood Is Our Own Vizion by Def Manic

Waiting to catch that lightening,
For now we'll wait and see what grows,
All that we've dreamed is all that we know,
Waiting to catch that...
[Verse 1]
Gotta keep pushing and we only inspire do we tire?
No just acting like an umpire in life,
Tryna get my own empire, and retire at 21,
I can't believe this shit it's not really fun,
We got the mechanics of the game and the firm,
Gotta have an impact like the Eric Serm and Ima be the bread winner,
Lottery ticket's a sinner,
Now these bitches wanna suck me off with the racks on racks,
Building it up with tracks on tracks,
Eating rappers up just like how Pacman acts so I just stop and I really wanna say this,
Check it like Warren when I regulate
Gotta go and separate,
Spending the money on a place with hella space,
I heard you on that lil diss track you pretty wack,
Can't even believe an amateur forgot how to act,
Sit back with the Beatles, doing this activity legal, And never give up in whatever you do,
Trust me I've had my moments of doubt too,
But I keep on spraying and spitting,
Slaying and ripping,
Never trippin' off competition.
[Verse 2]
Fucken got a lot of Hip Hop in my heart,
You missed out I've been here from the very very start,
And Ima spit a lil bit faster,
Until you learn like the Blast Master,
Always been good but not a pastor,
Now let me slow it down a little,
Never belittle or give up in the middle, of signing the best deal in your life,
And then you fuck a tour and a mic,
Just get a hoe and a wife,
But wait the money supposed to come first,
Prepare for the worst,
Fuck the hearse and just stay up on your thirst,
Just letting it be,
Went to your house and now I really see, damn
Pac said he gon' change the world for free,
Come back next year and then he do it for me,
Pool party when the sun go down,
Lil fun when your bitch come around,
Bedroom at the dawn of night,
Sloppy head is what I like,
And fuck college just sticking to the mic,
Rather be my own boss and I'm holding it tight,
No one screaming or chanting,
Harassing or laughing,
Becoming the phantom,
Always be hopeful forever, whenever damn.

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