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Decontrolled - Prelude lyrics

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Prelude by Decontrolled

There is no hope, no savior to help me be,
Every night those mirrors they are chasing, they're haunting me,
Just to test if I could make it.
In the dark skies her eyes forever glittering,
Wells without an end, deep down they're tearing me,
I'm lost in myself, I'm lost in my misery.
Stand in front of the mirror, looking at the eyes of my greatest nightmare,
See, this man without you can never be the same,
Tonight I hear the cries of a sad soul, song of sorrow, song of grief,
Just before the dawn I'll fade away, searching for relief.
Madness cried out, my sanity's in dark and,
There is nothing more in there just heart as cold as ice,
Can't bare that pressure anymore.
A silent voice came from an unknown place,
"No more fear of pain and her smiling face",
One way to escape and the only way to forget,
... what you are.
Here I stand in front of the mirror, lookin at the eyes
Of my greatest nightmare, I say goodbye
And tonight I hear the cries of a sad soul
Leaving never to be seen, nothing to live for.
Stand in front of mirror!
Searching for relief!
In front of mirror!

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