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Dead To Me - Submission lyrics

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Submission by Dead To Me

Falling-Crawling - to Submission
As they Make their Attack
Power-Brings You to your Knees
There is no turning back
Your Mind is controlled-life is Now Sold
For all you're Worth you're Drained
You speak what they say-Become Mindless Prey
True thoughts are Restrained
Human But yet you Obey like A Dog
Crushing you with their hand
Stabbing the Knife into your Back
And still you follow their command
- it's Rapetime they'll take control
Submission your Mind is sold
Life * is not your own
Formed into A Mental clone
Trapped-till the Day you Die
Feeding off an endless life
Choose to be-one who follows
Like a Whore obeys to Swallow
Taking from you what they could
Disguised Behind A Mask of Good
You'll Give in You Have Sinned You Will Submit
You Piece of Shit fulfill the Needs Of Authority
(you're) filled with hate (their) Power is Great

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