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Dead Jesus - Hymns Of The Unholy lyrics

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Hymns Of The Unholy by Dead Jesus

Watch the priest
Walk down the aisle of death
With his little f**king followers
Watching to the very end of his final command.
Their salvation will lie
As they fall upon themselves
And the dog will die.
Bleeding you cum.
To the black cross.
Fury released.
Watching christ die.
Watch the virgin in white.
Blessed be the little f**king whore.
Want to f**k her up the ass
Till she bleeds in my mouth.
Look at the little b**ch cry
Like she never had it before
With the cross up her cunt.
Church lies in ruin.
Coruption ends.
Children of god.
Fall unto sin.
Beelzebub arise.
Watch the priest
As he takes the altarboy in the back.
Angels fly by like stupid pieces of sh*t,
Telling all to read the f**king book of god,
All it is a lie.
Blasphemic praise.
The whores on her knees.
When your f**ked hard.
Jesus you scream.
Watch the priest
As he takes all your hard earned cash,
So he can build his f**king house of the damned.
Millions of f**ked gods to control feeble minds.
f**ked like sheep.
God will die.

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