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by Dead Cowboy's Sluts


Backdraft Song Lyrics

Backdraft by Dead Cowboy's Sluts

2 drunk to feel youre alive
A rape who transformed a life, its 2 late
A f**kin' nazi sh*t in street
A needle to forget your chance to breathe
Cut your veins now to stay proud
A broken life by war, obey at your great government
Crucified for the rights reasons
Its just a muthaf**kin' back draft
Thats straight to your face hard
(Verse 2)
A fist in the face of my son
The same thing for the girl, I luv her
A cold corpse to play with, just one night
Exhume the bones
A death sentence, to kill the plague
A death sentence, chose by powered men
Die for a god who hates you
Decay on the cross, one day again
You didn't see that comin', b**ch
The Lord present influence and legacy
And asks tolerance
The Lord presents this tolerance through trouble and lost time
And black, instead, people are created ? not deserve
They commit themselves to church and classify others
Creating a hierarchy of the best, in which they think of being the elites
These pretentious people are worthy of the light can go kill them self
Their conceded arrogance, concerned of ? don't even know
We need to be tolerant, without ? too trashy tolerance
Never forget your roots
Don't speed on your path
Cruel, lean, fortunate to create your own path
This is the way, the way that you can be pariahs
The society will wished, they feel, they don't belong to you
? life as you chose
And on this way don't judge
Go live your life following the path of your own making
Perhaps someday others will decide to follow you
We have something ? descendants, transcend you

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