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Throne Of Isolation Lyrics

by Dawn Of Winter


Throne Of Isolation Song Lyrics

Throne Of Isolation by Dawn Of Winter

Darkness falls
Bleak and hollow
Like yesterday
Trapped my mind in life's sorrow
I must escape

I await the mourning of my winter dawning
In my mortal hell
A servant to the jackal
With feelings cold immortal
I bid my last farewell
From countless wounds my soul is bleeding
Nothing's left of all my dreaming
Broken heart now petrified
This day my memories stop burning
And for me the world stops turning
Living death I pay the price
My soul dies

Up high on black wings I'm soaring
Into my winter dawning
Follow to the abyss calling
This is the way

My kingdom is waiting
A throne of isolation
A scepter of exile
No rites of blackest magic
Could turn this fate so tragic
I take my crown and smile

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