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Dawn - Sorrow Flew On Black Wings lyrics

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Sorrow Flew On Black Wings by Dawn

I feel the dark embrace the light
I see the black engulf the white
I can sense it, life denying
Take me from this cold fucking world
Life defying
...Hating everything
Life declining...
Seems there's no time for me
Cursing my own destiny
Sorrow flies on black wings
Riding the cursed wings of grief
Hear sorrow laughing
Hear joy crying
Ride the black wings of sorrow
Hear death screaming
Hear life dying
After going through
The darkest nightmares
I could only trust my self.
For the ones who loved me...
...will be happy to hate me
Don't just stand there!
My black tree withers
Take me away to the forest of believes.
Where the roots will rest
And I can have... serenity!
I want to feel the black rivers water
The current gliding me...
...Towards... Eternity.
Trashing what's left
Ripping, biting and cutting my flesh
Destroying this shell,
To finally escape my private hell

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