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David Wilcox - Winter At The Shore lyrics

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Winter At The Shore by David Wilcox

A ghost of you is dancing through
Memories of this town
I can see you and me
Before the ride shut down
Lights on the boardwalk shine for miles
Places to go explore
A taste of forever lasts a while
Who could ask for more
Your cotton dress, your tenderness
Candy on your tongue
Your kiss was warm before the storm
Of what we'd just begun
Up in the air right next to you
I dare you to rock the chair
We had the fireworks ocean view
I left my heart up there
Broken glass, along the path
Behind the ice cream store
You'll be gone
I'll stay on
Winter at the shore
I knew that I should take it slow
Why did I try to speak
After the words, my eyes were closed
You kissed me on the cheek
Now it's dark along the park
The ocean grinds the stones
The waves will drown the castles down
I feel it in my bones
Walking the empty parking lot
Sand carried on the wind
Someone should sweep the spaces clean
Where would I begin
The ghost of you slips back through
The boards across the door
I can't go in
That's how it's been
Winter at the shore
Winter at the shore

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