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Wonderful World Lyrics

by Dave Sharp


Wonderful World Song Lyrics

Wonderful World by Dave Sharp

Well guys wearing gas masks are levelling them guns
At school children sing while studying sums
It's a clear sign of violence and it's laced with heavy support
This whole situation's been dragged though the dirt
By gargoyles and monsters and man-eating birds
Who act like the jury but you never see them stand up in court
Well it's savage and ugly, the riots unfurl
But these are the ways of this wonderful world
These are the days, of this wonderful world
Now back at their banquet the madam meets her fate
Whilst almost a mile from a country estate
The helpless and homeless are dancing their ring in the rain
Whilst hunted by pressures from old man abroad
Fifty five of them ministers are trying to reach accord
On some ill-judged remark concerning madam baby lorraine
Consignments of bibles and passenger planes
Japanese funerals and gamboling games
Backers and bidders are dealing in textiles and lace
They order reviews that will salvage the state
Can't seem to put off and cast off their capes?
While the latest concerns are reports of slack cutting? pace

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