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Dave Hollister - Can't Stay  lyrics

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Can't Stay  by Dave Hollister

1 - Girl I gotta go, I can't stay
You said things would change
But girl, things are still the same
Girl I gotta go, I can't stay
Stayin' together, puttin' a front on
I'd rather be on my own
When we first met, things were fine
We went out to dine
We strolled the beach, holding hands
Sharing quality time
What happened between then and now?
The love we shared was lost somehow
My friends try to tell me
That we're movin' too fast
But how could I know
The feelings would pass
It wouldn't last
I know I should of left a long time ago
But I stayed to see
Hoping and praying you still love me
Repeat 1
I took you in
Treated your children as mine
Then we laid and made love
And you had my son, what a precious time
I did all that I could to get through to you
To let you know, girl it's you, I was livin' for
But you let your mind play games on you
Whenever I'm not around
You think that I don't know
That you're passin' time with the guy next door
I gave you all that I had
You didn't love me one ounce
So like a basketball, I gotta bounce
Repeat 1
Baby can you tell me
Where I went wrong
All I ever wanted, baby baby babe
Was a happy home
I can call my own
I can't take no more
So I'm tellin' you
Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye
Repeat 1
Repeat 1
Break it down, break it down
'Cause I wanna talk to my people this evening
And let 'em know, it takes a fool to learn
(It takes a fool)
That love don't love nobody
That's why I can truly say in my heart
That love don't live here
(Love don't live here anymore)
Good God Almighty
Baby, you hurt me so bad
But oh, I'm mighty grateful
That love don't live here
(Love don't live here anymore)
Ohh ooh oh, ha
It's alright, it's okay
I gotta move on anyway
(I can move on)
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Baby, you hurt me so bad
I gotta move on, yeah
(I can move on)
Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah
I gotta go, I gotta leave baby
(Love don't live here anymore)
Think I'll live alone now
I'm gone
(Love don't live here anymore)
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, hoo

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