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Music Video

Junkmail Lyrics

by Daughter


Junkmail Song Lyrics

Junkmail by Daughter

The endless space
The monochrome everything
I disappear in the apartment
I'm coasting through
Don't miss the final day
It's free, it's fragrant
When did we even stop swimming?

Been throwing summers at the walls
You can't edit the scenery
So are you ready?
Up to your knees for the camera
Up to your neck for the camera

Just swallow, metallic taste
The new enhancements, they'll keep you safe
What a performance for new arrivals
An instant sun breaks out, come back, take another look
Are you there?
Everything you left for a clean new embrace
Stepping into a snapshot, was it all for the story?
Show your weaknesses, I suspect a trend
That the lot of them want you from just reading

Are you a page now babe?
Should I pay for viewing your faint lookalike?
Someone call it off, I've caught the germ
For our game never ends, never stops
Like pain that never starves

You can't edit the scenery to view it better
So are you ready? Or are you just up to your eyes for the cameras?
You can't edit the scenery
You can't edit the scenery

Just to beat a heartbeat
Is a gift
Open your eyes for the camera
Open your eyes for the camera

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