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by Das Racist


Selena Song Lyrics

Selena by Das Racist

[Kool AD]
Michael Douglas, a million dollars!
Twin Towers, golden showers
Joan Sasso, Abigail Vazquez
Shout to Salome, shout out to fascists
Shouts to Alpha Dog, Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can
Shouts to white rappers, black astronauts
Only two questions you should ask, allow one
"Who's the kid?"
Both times he answers the name Kool AD
That's my rap name, slave name's Asskick
Mom ___ pretty in the brain game
Sandwich brown-baggin' it

Bidi bidi bidi bamba

Catch me in the cool places doing fun things
I'mma quit rapping soon
"Get your fun in!"
Get a little guap, other ways to get funds in"
Get all my scream, extreme Edvard Munch shit
No matter what I do, I'mma eat it up, luncheons
Celine Dion with a booty, now, I'm back in Bundchens
This house we eat good food, that's dumplings
Everyone that meet me think that I'm something, whether it's a dumpling or
Something lead to run with
Flows with ___, he had to run things
It's nothing, I do this cause it's easy
It plays well, pumpkin
Be a little fun fling, but it's getting kinda boring
I am too awesome
I am the walrus

[Kool AD]
Yeah, I'm the walrus too, dude
Couldn't walk a mile in my walrus shoes, dude, true?
Yes, I'm the fuckin' best!
Best rapper alive, I swear to God, man
Bad as I wanna be, Rodman
Move a little, watch the guap in a pop, man
Get it in, get it out, Ock Man
See me in Miami, 20 Cubans in a Dodge van
Do it for a large fam to (?)
Said it before, I don't care, I'mma starve, man
David Bowie Starman
John Comforter — oh, fuck, I didn't know how to say John Carpenter —
Seminal works, Dodge Sarman
Where we at, San Diego? Carmen?

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