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Dark Fortress - Evenfall lyrics

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Evenfall by Dark Fortress

With the dawn
Comes the loathing
With the morning
Comes the fall
With the qualm
Come the vermin
Come to spawn
From the sun they crawl
With the night
Dies the calm
With revulsion
Comes the spite
With the light
Come the lightmares
Waking Moloch
Comes with the fall
With draw your soul from this fallacy
This infamy is not for us
With the night
Comes deliverance
Comes the spark
That sets us alight
With the dark
Comes remembrance
Comes the halo
Comes the flight
And the ground takes a fall
Torn upon winds of witchery
Resplendent wings unfold
Reveling in lucid lechery
We invoke what no eye can behold
Azure, her gaping portal
I blaze in ecstasy
The goddess calls, immortal
Shrugs off all treachery
Stay down
Wait for evenfall
For the night to embrace us again
Wait for evenfall
Deep now
Wait for evenfall
For the abyss will set us free
Wait for evenfall

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