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by Dangerous Ground Movie


Fa-Sho Song Lyrics

Fa-Sho by Dangerous Ground Movie

Song by K-Dee

Who's that nigga in the fresh V-12?
Westside rolling with fat jewels
(You know it's K-Dee)
(And ain't nobody bad like me)

[Verse 1:]
I'm in the ghetto hall of fame
Man it ain't no thang
So why you playin' games, trick you know my name
Oh, am I talking loud?
What you talking bout?
And what you doing out, on my paper route (bitch)
You wanna know if we can still kick it
But can you help a young nigga get a meal ticket
Shit I can do better by myself
What's happenin'? Every motherfucker I know is platnum (Westsiiiide! )
And ain't nobody gonna sw-i-itch
And go broke for a b-i-itch
The westside is r-i-ich
So everybody get the d-i-ick (ha ha ha)
I sport Sonar on my wrist, the sun on my fist
Never share it, hoe you won't inherit no karrots
Westside medallions, we got thousands
And a house full of stallions sayin'...


[Verse 2:]
The six hun, be makin' run like stockings
Garenteein' 24 K with enough ice to go skiing
Shine y'all (bling) fat rocks that'll blind y'all
Nothing comes free, how many times must I remind y'all
Tricks taking me shoppping (what?)
Shoes size 10 (what?)
Break a nigga off some ends, bald dubs for them Benz (what?)
A panda and a parrot want the lobster with the shrimp
They way the jockin', keep my pockets swollen like a blimp
Smokin' hemp, mashin' low key with the windows tinted
Breakin' they neck to see who in it
The game is implamented to the fullest
So nice, see me roll like dice
Whey they spot me on the g-o
Makes them all want to know...


[Verse 3:]
Baby please, got more cheese than Kraft
Singin' autograph, leather coat like Shaft
Arrivin' at the club, hit a false sub
Me, Ice Cube, Mack 10 and that nigga Dove (Westsiiide)
Parlyin' like stars, Hennesy at the bar
No need to announce cause hoes know who we are
Then I see her freakin', peakin' from afar
How bizarre she remind me of something like R.(what)
Kelly, damn, ass shakin' like jelly
Ready to be spread, open wide and dick fed
All on my niggys it wasn't hard to detect it
Know she love criminals and wanted to get connected
Say no mo, and made our way to the door
Tip the valay, pull up Mercedes,
Hopped in, it's goin' down
Baby hold on, I can hear them in the line start to say as we rode on


[Ice Cube:]
When you see K-Dee, throw up the dub [X4]
Incredible Dub S-C-G

Irresistable bitch, let's roll, get rich
Baby please, you ain't shit without these [X2]

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