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Sofa King Remix Lyrics

by Danger Doom


Sofa King Remix Song Lyrics

Sofa King Remix by Danger Doom

Please, read from sheets
I am...

[Aqua Teens + Carl]
I am...

[BWD] Sofa, King...
[ATF] Sofa King

[MF Doom]
Scared of a bunch of water, then get out the rain
Order a rapper for lunch and spit out the chain
Then kick a lungee of the tip of his Timbo
And trick a honey dip into a game of of strip limbo
Odd - he couldn't find no remorse
A wink is as good as a nod to a blind horse
Of course his technique was from a divine source
Never new the price of ice, or what swine cost
One guy tried to bite the heat
That's when he discovered the other other white meat
Ohhhh! The one they hate so well
He sure keeps it pyscho like the old Bates Motel
They came to ask him for at least some new tracks
But only got confronted by the beast with two backs
Knock - Mouse is a made man
Villain laid it down like the best laid plan
Belle the Cat, who the hell is that near the middle
Got y'all but it's not all beer and Skittles
Prepare the vittles, got riddles and spittles
Crystal clear to the jock, or the tittle
Sssst! It's hot off the griddle
Came to take the cake whether it's a lot, or a little

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