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Dance Gavin Dance - Elder Goose lyrics

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Elder Goose by Dance Gavin Dance

Day 1: The lights fade
The music's full of bass
She's all up in my face
I can't believe she's so close
(Feelin your grind?)
Maybe losing my mind
I'm just plain old take home material, take home material
I keep my fingers crossed hoping to find a way
To show you what I'm made of
(Dooon't oh worry?)
(To know when?)
I backtracked, stabbed at you, followed the tracks to a cabin filled with wooden spoons
Then a shred of lead ripped my hoodie in two
There's no telling what my evil twin brother wouldn't do
I wake up drenched in sweat
Wondering who I'm lying with
What a joke
There's nothing left to explore
Find myself at the end of the bottle
Laying in your bed
You're hoping to find out (where I'm at?)
The weight can make you trip, but you won't fall down
Well it's gone away
My song, so long
The weight can make you trip, but you won't fall down
Yeah ooooh
Accept fresh fresh can of broccoli
I can hate you if you are gawking
Unless fresh fresh can of broc
I'll be leaning towards a centimeter short of much
Yet the sun goes down
Baby I'm in town
Hoping to find someone to take (it on?)
I know I'm right when I say (you'll always?)
Get around, oh
You get around, oooh
You get around, oh
You're busy fucking everyone, busy fucking everyone
Ooh, you're busy fucking everyone
Feeling my heart race
Drenched in sweat
As I wonder
I'm not scared, I'm not prepared
Laying down flat on your back
Open up girl, let's (play attack?)
Let's waste our time
Back on top, but my blocks mowed down
Man I'm fit
Yeah my stomachs never touched the ground
But I'm courteous
Still keep it real with my nerdyness
14th's my birthday
Hers is on the 30th
If you were dead I bet this shit would bloom
Get a standing ovation from an empty room
Fuck your ass
I don't want your cereal
You can get your wig split back
I'll be the same ol' G

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