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Damhnait Doyle - Learn to crawl lyrics

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Learn to crawl by Damhnait Doyle

me, I never keep any secrets from myself
I think I like the shame
just to say the words to the ones that I've hurt
it kills my pain
these are my hands that have
touched another man
these are my feet that are
drawn to the quick sand
I want to break
I want to fall
to be cut by
the jagged edges as I
learn to crawl
I'm not the one you think I am
I'm not the one you need
I'll only make you bleed
I'd give up everything I have
give up everything I am
to want you, the way you want me
these are my arms
that have held another tight
these are my lips
that he kisses well into the night
and yet he turns me so
I'll easily forget
all I have ever known
chorus out

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