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Damaged - Resurrect lyrics

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Resurrect by Damaged

Obsessed by your words whilst oppressing my thoughts
Recessive minds cry depressing his life
Ignorance binds my hate the way he tries to dictate
His buttered tongue denies expendable despised
Disregard his thought contemplating your world
Those words of wisdom which you always contradict
The deformation you speak all inner self u defeat
We don't believe a word u say your full of sh*t!
Angers displayed (my hate) search in the mind
To tell the truth that u find
Feelings betrayed (your fate) probing for pain
Cannot be obtained
Opinion depraved (your law) time to decide into who's self u
Will hide
Respect broken (my war) thoughts that u fight to
Tell the truth that you spite
(your obsessed)
Spawn from lies all truth as your demise
Is the mindless drive in his act
From society breed depravity systematic extinction of the
Contemptuous mind enlightened by his kind
Resurrect the words of which you repeat
Harvester will blind your toxic blackened mind
Destroyed n' immolated seed of hate
Regressing thru time (you cry)
Cloud cover grey heart burned from new light of day
Now all progression is blind (your life)
Seasoned lies freed unleash the tangible breed
Until the reasons u find (I've tried)
Meaningless grind strangles the growth in your mind
(in tears you picture the days)
Ask why we lust the peace now that your bullsh*t has
Sweet justice!!!
Take my blood
My life
My love
My insecurity
Way my thoughts
My words
And dreams
My f**king liberties
Read my scars
My hurt
My cries
The bleeding fears inside
Blind my screams
My hate my eyes
Ignore the reasons why
Caged grind mental torture turning pain
Hard truth all words progress to gain
Heart strings torn ego matter slain be
Set free from me
Locked mind thrive from those that you deceive
Lost youth life beyond reprieve
Forged pain behind can't be retrieved
You days n' years hide
Guilty cheers have died

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