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Damaged - Freaks & Geeks lyrics

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Freaks & Geeks by Damaged

running weed through downtown streets
dodging cabs with f**k to say
bet your ass don't hit concrete
man rolls in, you'll pay
the freakshow and geeks
pager blows up time to hit the streets
weave the traffic like a f**kin' lunatic
breathe the diesel almost got curbed
ill swing a chain through this f**ks window
the freakshow and geeks
tracking numbers box it all
lead pipe law through it all
streetfights, early times, last call
hit tombs, tomb school
the freakshow and geeks
little slits of paper
start the day in colors way
burning down Ave. C
lacruix crew blow death away,
blow away yeah!
f**k yeah!
kickin' it in thompkins square
skin-up blue skies over shooting grounds
looking out for the cops
rolling through our park
my freakshow, i am the geek
i am the geek the geek freak... freak
i am the geek the freak of geeks, the freak of geeks

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