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Hit 'em High, Hit 'em Low, Don Flamingo Lyrics

by Daggermouth


Hit 'em High, Hit 'em Low, Don Flamingo Song Lyrics

Hit 'em High, Hit 'em Low, Don Flamingo by Daggermouth

Something has got to change because this isn't real.
and I know that you can't possibly know how I feel.
Time and time again you let me down
now why am I your friend.
This time it ends.
Lets not pretend.

Everything you say is bullsh*t and I hate you.
Will you look me in the eyes
when I smack you down to size.
Here we go again; lets hear it for my best friend.
What can I say? You don't deserve that girl anyway.
I should take her from you so you know how it feels to be betrayed
I don't need you.
But you still call me.
You're so pathetic
I hate your face.

Now I wish that I had never even met you.
A year wasted with you I feel so empty.
And now you ask me if I'll be there for you next year.
Today I don't care, I don't care

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