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D-12 - Bizarre (skit) lyrics

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Bizarre (skit) by D-12

Bizarre: sh*t Dog, I jus tell him ... mother-f**ker the other day, that he going too far with that sh*t.
Kuniva: Uh, what ... ?
Bizarre: He's coming that crazy ass sh*t you talking, man.
Swifty: What crazy ass sh*t?
Kuniva: What the f**k you talkin' about?
Swifty: C’mon Bizzy.
Bizarre: Nigga don't act like you don't know no group member. Mother f**ka'. You know he talking that crazy ass sh*t ... You’re going too far, Nigga.
(D12 chattering)
Bizarre: Yeah, that’s crazy ... man, It's sweet. I ain't bad ...
(D12 chattering)
Proof: Hey, hey, hey, Bizzy, bring your fat ass over here, nigga, come here.
(D12 Laughing)
Kuniva: Some sh*t we weren’t even talkin' about. He just get on some other sh*t.
Swifty: Come here, Bizzy.
Bizzy: Hey.
Swifty: Kick that silly ass sh*t that you kicked yesterday ...
Bizarre: You want me to kick some sh*t, man?
Kon Artist: Turn the radio down dogg, turn the radio down a little bit ...
Bizarre: My girlfriend's in the Olympics, she'll be running track meets. I'm lying, she’s a paraplegic, she eats with her feet.
(D12 Laughing)
Bizzare: What the f**k you laughing at? She'll be here next week in a black jeep, with two other Handicap Freaks.
(D12 Laughing) Yeah Nigga! Haha.
Swifty: That sh*t's dope, man, that's some crazy ass sh*t. That was some crazy sh*t, dogg!
(D12 Mumbling) You’ve got to be crazy as hell to hear that sh*t.
(D12 Laughing and Mumbling)

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