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Messed Up Lyrics

by Culture Shock


Messed Up Song Lyrics

Messed Up by Culture Shock

Me and you and we, messed up
Inside our heads it's a wonderful mess
What we really think is anyone's guess
Fact why we say no when we really mean yes
Keeping our egos one step ahead
And you can't trust anyone really
Cos they don't know how you're feeling
Put the walls up to the ceiling so the world can't hear you

Me and you and we, messed up
Watching the rest of the world step back
Face a distortion of fiction and fact
Making the first of his mental attacks
So we sit and have nightmares (nightmares)
As we relax
And you can't do anything really
Cos they watch you while you're dreaming
That's why we're scared of sleeping
Cos the world can hear you screaming

M m m m Messed Messed Messed
You and we
Messed up by social security
Split parent family
Playground violence
Immature benevolence
Burly boy heroics
Judged about that thing
Couldn't play football coudln't play football
Can't play football nana
Didn't have sex
??? Nervous threats
Nervous threats
Nervous nervous ne-ne-nervous nervous threats

Me and you and we all messed up
That's all of us and our social wars
Staring and twitching across the floor
When our eyes met it scared me to death
Until one of us smiles we'll all stay depressed
But then we'll all go on forever
Because we're all messed up together
And then no one will feel better
Not then not now not never
Not then not now not never ever

You and me and we all messed up
You and me, me and him, him and her, her and you
Messed up, up I and I you and you
Everyone we ever met (all of us), everyone you ever knew (all of us)
Messed up (messed up), up up, messed up
And me and you we keep on smiling

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