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Crusader - Dragon's Tears lyrics

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Dragon's Tears by Crusader

Whoever slays a dragon
Will never take a fall
He's predestined to conquer
Let it be known to all
Crush my pride and honour
Make a fortune, sell my skin
Divide me into potions
Slander my name, black as sin
So then come the hunters
Sent by their messiahs
Blind men following sermons
Puppets in the hands of liars
You saw my pain - saw my soul bleed
You saw the anger towards your breed
There ain't no remedy against human greed
Why do you search for my defeat
Why do dragons always have to die
My strength and power feed their hate
They're frightened by the unknown
The legend grows - they fear my name
My image is carved in stone
So this is what my life became
Forever hide and seek
From day to day - a deadly game
The strong are feeding upon the weak

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