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Crime In Stereo - The Bride lyrics

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The Bride by Crime In Stereo

I heard you spent the last six months
At an unpaid internship and still then got the news.
They had to cut you loose.
Profits wearing thing.
Since you graduated, you've found the market populated with kids just like you;
Business suits, degrees from state schools.
I know what you're going through.
My academic adviser said she'd line up some interviews.
That was two months ago this June.
I followed through, turned out she'd been layed off too.
Oh Doctor Hildreth, what are we to do?
This choice is for life and we can't decide.
We are the bride, stripped bare by her Bachelors.
We are the wife, unaware of the servitude ahead for all time.
Subservient per capita, stand up.
Your Bachelors won't earn half the debt that you've incurred.
So go call student loans.
Tell them "I need another six months... I need some more time to work."

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