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Crashdog - Nothing lyrics

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Nothing by Crashdog

The winds of change are blowing from
The right. Those who oppose are
Pushed out of sight. Signs of protest
Around but quickly none to be found,
Ignorance has got the rebels shoved to
The ground. Taught to leave the Creator
Out of sight, out of mind. Hypocrisy of
Church further aids in the crime. Got it
Beat in our heads that our only hope's
Dead turn to tradition start all over again
Nothing that we've tried has worked so far
Forget the good old days that's not what they were
Back to the morals that made us strong?
Ha! If a nation was right how could so
Many be wrong? The appearance may
Seem like the American dream but the
Pattern of injustice still bursts at the
Seams. So we rebelled from this country
Of ours. Drunk and disgruntled from
Society at large. Human effort failed, the
Respected have bailed and our hearts
Once again have been put up for sale.

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