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Cozz - Can't Knock The Hustle lyrics

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Can't Knock The Hustle by Cozz

Produced by Trauma
Yeah, 3rd take nigga
Cause (Cozz) and Effect, nigga
Yeah, yeah, I gotta
Yeah, yeah!
Jealousy holdin' enemies hostage
Eventually the penalty will come and haunt you
Hennessy memories leavin' me nauseous
But the Hennessy makes the melodies awesome
So instead of me talkin' I'm steady jottin'
And steady plottin' on how to gain spaghetti toppin's
ya know that parmesan, that cheddar, mozzarella
The list goes on and on, ya know my heart is strong
I'm a young phenomenon
It's like these people keep fo'gettin'
It's always the least expected who ends up gettin' it
So don't tell me bout no niggas hatin'
What's the point if I hear
Mr. not givin' a f**k wit a joint in his ear
Put that steak on his plate then so long disappear
Empty gut I'm hungry man, the guns pointin' this year
I'm feelin' like I'm dealin' wit children boy I'm killin'
Niggas already tryna bite styles
Ya break a tooth if ya bite down
b**ch I go way too hard
I been in this hood, dawg, fo' way 2 long, mane
I been quiet fo' way 2 long
Been patiently waitin' can't wait 2 long, dawg
I been broke, mane, fo' way 2 long
No hot water fo' way 2 long
Ya can't knock the hustle it's way 2 strong
Yeah, we're way 2 strong
(Verse 2)
Let me touch ya wit my words, kissed ya wit a song
Let me f**k ya mentally, caress ya wit a melody
I do it fo' my enemies but especially fo' my dawgs
So we all get to eat a full bowl of pedigree
These full time hoes get a full bowl of f**k ya I'm gettin' cheese
Well sh*t, I'm tryin', so I really can't spend time wit ya
I can't lie to ya, to tell the truth, I just wanna lie wit ya
If that's fine wit ya, I don't wanna spend no time in school
It's a waste of time
And ya can't always do what yo parents like all the time
Plus, i got enough degrees anyway
Check my Fahrenheit ya see the charts on the table
f**k gettin' somber, we probably start a label
f**k gettin' mine boy I'm tryna feed the table
f**k bein' fine girl ya gotta have a brain too
Ya gotta have a brain too cuz
I been chasin' dumb hoes fo' way 2 long
I been in this hood, dawg, fo' way 2 long
I been patiently waitin' fo' way 2 long
I been quiet, dawg, fo' way 2 long
Ya can't knock the hustle boy it's way 2 strong
We've been tryin' fo' way 2 long
Bout to get off, been waitin' 2 long, nigga

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