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Country Big - Hold The Heart lyrics

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Hold The Heart by Country Big

The eagle soared above the clouds
The deer run in the hills
And I may walk in cities
Where the wolf once had his fill
Here is strength for us to find
To turn the old to new
And wipe our eyes of misty years
And see the future through.
I choose this place to call my own
The only grace I've ever known
I never tire of legends grown
We dream too much and time has flown.
Eiledon, I will be there.
Eiledon, my dream is there.
So let me fill my children's hearts
With heroes tales and hope it starts
A fire in them so deeds are done
With no vain sighs for moments gone.
So let me soar up with the eagles
In wild country among the deer
And wake the wolf in every city
And reckoning is drawing near

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