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Corporate Avenger - Hope Is Lost lyrics

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Hope Is Lost by Corporate Avenger

Revenge, it's the world you adore
You got nothing to prove, respect the law
Feeling starts to scream, and face the facts
Just rest and leave
It's a breakthrough in your pain
Discrimination still in vain
Stay back and defend, must prove some self-respect
Empty mind is calling, it's war
It's a restless call
Insistent, shouting for more
Sell your heart
It's old it's cold
Buried by disease, hope is lost
Power without respect, trapped in chains
Check your concept
Attention, frustration, pain, while I'm inside your brain
Waiting for tomorrow, on the caravan from the souls
It's an evil touch that's climbing through your mind
All your dreams have been dragged in the dirt
And I say no when it's a serious thing to learn
Standing on your back and pissing down your neck
It's not a glorious things, but it's good to give some respect
Satisfy myself, laughing, losing this game
With lungs wide open screaming
Fear is my new blame!

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