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Cormega - Industry (Deluxe Remix) lyrics

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Industry (Deluxe Remix) by Cormega

Nowadays everybody try to get on
They don't wanna put in work, they just ridin' along
Pretty hoe in the video, a few thighs and a thong
A few views on youtube, but who's buyin' the song
World star, don't give a f^&*() how yo body diverse
They'll desecrate yo mixtape so Kanye can twerk
With yo 360 deal, boy, you prolly a joke
All molly wolly profit off yo body at work
Public enemy told me don't believe the hype
I strive to be the type to fight, to lead em right
From the brainwash, same songs daily that they playn
And if you disagree with the mass, then you hatin'
When did conscience rap become corny?
Why should I let the corporates define me?
Radio, suckas neva play me
That's the hi5 at 9? That sh*t is crazy
(Verse 2)
I feel alone in a room full of people
My body at work, it's food for these leeches
The devil's a lie, illusion deceive you
You'll never find truth till you seek it
When you're real, they look for your weakness
When you're fake, money won' change this
They blacklisted my name in the majors
Now I'm independent, reaching new heights, thank you!
Success is in the eye of the beholder
And neva worth the price your sole cause
How does so right go so wrong?
The rules are more clear when so raw
Joint not to sleep, but I dozed off
And woke up with dark on, that's my own fault
I shoulda known betta, he's shown flaws
He has something up his sleeve and his nose, uh
(Verse 3)
Camp in the game, it's a young brother
Sign a deal, get your funds up
In the lab till the sun's up
Till the label give you thumbs up, put the ones up
Dumb it down, turn your drums up
But that ain't where you come from

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