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Conway the Machine - 6:30 Tip Off lyrics

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6:30 Tip Off by Conway the Machine

El Padrino, yeah (Hahahaha)
La Maquina, yeah
Just counted up a million cash, nigga (Pardon me)
All twenties (The Machine, nigga, haha)
El Padrino (That's for the plug, though)
Spooky season has returned, nigga (Hahahaha)
Look, I'm just a product of the struggle
But now they realize my vision was symbolic to my hustle
Another five hundred fifty thousand toppin' off my duffel (Racks)
Gettin' too heavy to lift, sh*t, I could probably pull a muscle, wait (Hahahaha)
My mentality is f**k you, like
I was really Russell Westbrook, they thought I was sittin' back
While them niggas was gettin' fat, but this what I was really up to (Cookin' up)
'Bout to get another ring like when LeBron went to the bubble, wait (Talk to 'em)
It's like the jealousy is never-endin' (Not at all)
Know some niggas that's pocket watchin', count the bread I'm spendin' (f**k niggas)
People act like I don't got overhead expenses
Nigga (I got kids, I got bills, nigga)
I'm grindin' like my work is never finished, I'll never give in (Hah)
Boy, I'm jumpin' over all of my obstacles, even with a torn patellar tendon (Woo)
My niggas jump out dumpin' Dracos and floodin' Benzes (Brrt)
Conway Machine back with the flow that's unprecedented (Uh-huh)
Yeah, I bulletproofed the money green Cullinan
The bag like I'm James Harden, money keep triple-doublin' (Hah)
Wait, these niggas get to talkin' crazy, then we sluggin' 'em (Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)
They say the flow gettin' too crazy, it's hard to keep up with him
Nigga, I can't waste an hour with my twenty-four
My mentality is more Kobe than Kief' Sutherland (Woo)
My lil' brother keep his pole on him and he uppin' it (Brrt)
Bank statements like my school grades, I just see plus in it (Hahahaha)
D'USSÉ and calamari diet (Hah)
My profit risin', I'm monetizin' off the sh*t I was prophesisin'
They think it's sweet 'til they get shot for tryin' (Boom, boom)
Steve Francis dunk contest, lil' rockets flyin' (Rah, rah, rah, rah, rah, rah, rah, rah)
By the end of the year, don't you be surprised
When I take over the game and you can see it's mine (You see it now)
I knew my moment was comin', I just needed time (Uh-huh)
I hope you can read between the lines (Read between the lines, nigga)
I went from king, now they consider me a God, we not equivalent at all
I'm not from this Earth, I'm visitin' from Mars (Hah)
They say West is the brains behind it and Benny is the star
But let's not act like Machine ain't the silliest with the bars (Woo)
Stop playin' with me, man (Hah)
Machine, b**ch
The— The— The material is very strong

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