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Nihilistic Lyrics

by Common Enemy


Nihilistic Song Lyrics

Nihilistic by Common Enemy

All of my life I've always been an outcast
Always been a zero going nowhere fast
I've never had that many friends, never been to good with girls
Well I don't care about either and I hate this f**king world

I will deny... I will defy... your society
I won't comply... with your lie... that sh*t's not for me
I don't believe in god, he makes no sense to me
I will not put my faith in something I can not see
Don't want to read your bible, your holy book is false
And I will not worship some guy nailed to a f**king cross


Those people with their rules, you know I hate them all
Too many regulations, have my back against the wall
More new laws everyday, they expect me to abide
I thought that we had freedom, I guess that's a f**king lie


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