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My Hmo Won't Cover This Lyrics

by Common Enemy


My Hmo Won't Cover This Song Lyrics

My Hmo Won't Cover This by Common Enemy

I made it threw the night and the only one left alive
I cut and chopped and fought my way cause I wanted to survive
The dead were f**king ticked and they couldn't let it go
They're up again, they want revenge, you wanna fight lets go
Ok now I'm p**sed, evil dead don't f**k with this
I'll rip their eyes out from their sockets and stick them in my front coat pocket
Oh yeah come to think, my hmo won't cover this
You better home I f**king die cause now I'm out for every dime
It's a battle royal, no holds bar, and the blows are hitting low
We fight and fight, and fight, fight, fight, the damage starts to show
Then the dead possessed my hand so I sawed the f**ker off
I hope you know the games over and I'll beat you with my stub
Run - I'll cut your body into bits
Hide - I'll make you dead a second time
Run - I'll even give you a head start
Hide - too late bud your ass is mine

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