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Colours Run - Winter's Day lyrics

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Winter's Day by Colours Run

Put on our coats and walked into the snow
Opened the door, the car
The car was cold
On the frozen road
Animals in headlights stood amazed
Seemed to turn the seconds into days
We drove them all away
I found myself in someone else's mess
On a winter's day
It was the last performance of the night
We found each other's hands and held on tight
As they turned out the lights
I didn't think too much of the show, but hey
It was a way to waste another day
I'll waste them all away
Till I find myself in someone else's bed
On a winter's day
Keep blind in faith
And the rest will take
Good care of itself
Of itself
If you find yourself in someone else's mess, eventually
Eventually you'll find the seed of someone else
In me

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