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Like Me Lyrics

by Colours Run


Like Me Song Lyrics

Like Me by Colours Run

Woo hoo!
Lord have mercy.
This here makes me feel good! I believe I'm 'bout to get my fishin' pole outta my truck.
Oh, I gotta tell y'all what it feels like to be me, what it feels like to be country!
Y'all come with me, check this out here. Come on-uh!

I really want all of y'all to see that it's great to be country and great to be me.
An ole' boy from way down south that's pretty good with a rope and fast with his mouth.
I came here to represent for y'all, to show you a country boy with a southern drawl, can do his thang with the CMT crowd, the MTV crowd, and BET crowd.
Give everybody something really real about this country life so they all can feel how good it is to be like us; blue jeans and boots and big ol' trucks.
Yes ma'am and thank you, that's what we do. I'm proud to be country, now how 'bout you?
Put on your cowboy hat for the world can see. Look them all in the eye, say, "Bet ya wish you was me."

I bet you wish you walked like me, damn sure wish ya'll could talk like me.
I bet you wish you had a horse like mine, knew how to plow a field and make strawberry wine.
I bet you wish you had a truck like me, 'aint scared to saddle up if it bucks like me.
I bet you wonder how I got it like that, make all the girls holler when I tip my hat.

Yes sir!
Everybody ask me what, why and how, could a boy know how to rap, and how to milk a cow?
Get it done baby, I'm just doing my thang, and I'm here to show the world that country folk's got game.
Everybody's tired of hearing all them lies, talking tough on a record to get a piece of the pie.
But ole' Colt loves the ladies and they love me. Loaded with southern charm, I don't mean no harm.
So gather round, country boys and girls, this one's for you so what you gonna do?
Do y'all believe in the USA, and fight for your freedom every single day?
I'm a cowboy, an' that's all I know.
'Aint scared to move fast but like to live slow. Put on your cowboy hat so the world can see. Look 'em all in the eye, say "Bet you wish you was me."


Now, when I say "like me" I mean for all of y'all. It's time to stand up and throw your hands up. Yell and raise hell to this hick – hock sound. Make sure they all know that country's come to town.
Be proud of who you are and where you're from. Tell all those that want it they can get some.
White, black or brown it don't matter to me, this here's for everyone that loves some country.
Our way of life, our way of thinkin'; God, family, friends and a little beer drinkin'.
So put your hat on for the world to see. Look 'em all in the eye, say "Bet you wish you was me."


Yes sir!
Yee – haw!
Lord have mercy!
It feels good to be country! I hope y'all feeling like I'm feelin'!
Anytime y'all wanna come down here, y'all can see how we do it down here in the country. This is real baby, this is what we do!

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