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Cobra Skull - The Cobra And The Man-whore lyrics

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The Cobra And The Man-whore by Cobra Skull

Two sins are better than one
two sins are better when you want to have fun
so when the preacher Theodore
gets bored and wants to score
he calls a man-whore Jones.
a preacher made confession today
two hundred dollars was all that he paid
and he said don't forget to bring
that methamphetamine
I want to get high when I get laid
the preacher and the man-whore
a methamphetamine perfume
the preacher talks he's afraid of anybody gay
but he loves a man-whore in a motel room
Jones went to the T.V. station
when he discovered
the preacher's occupation
he said I'm paid to be a slave
but I just can't behave because
the preacher wants to take my rights away
the preacher and the man-whore
the wife and kids are safe at home
and when he goes on down to Denver
to mix business with pleasure
the preacher, he don't sleep alone
Ted Haggard bragged about
connections in the white house
and promised Bush he could count
on the voes of a million evangelicals

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