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Coalesce - Every Reason To lyrics

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Every Reason To by Coalesce

I've never since felt life as dry as it was inside you.
I've tasted plenty and it only made me gag.
I wanted more.
Now i have it all, without you.
If i could have only left without that thought.
I would have left with him.
And you a childless wreck.
I would have taken it upon myself to leave you strapped
with the burden of unclear thinking.
That's what you do best, you're always thinking and not acting rationally.
You just needed someone to love you.
God know i don't.
I never did so disappear.
You gave me every reason to
and still i didn't break your face in.
So where's my son and where's your scars?
Do you still limp from my fist fucking fetish?
And my midnight naked messages in your ears?
So why didn't they come?
Why wasn't she born?
I would have taken her right from underneath you.
She would call you mother,
i would call you host,
and you would just call on every lie you could to feel just and sane.
Keep your word.
How little do i really understand?
I knew enough not to touch you there.
I should have saved myself for the last
but still i broke in the beginning and broke your hold in the end.
And on you went barren and content.
And i the other direction experienced in nothing special.

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