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C-Murder - N.l. soulja lyrics

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N.l. soulja by C-Murder

(feat. New-9 & Wango)
(*computer voice*)
T-R-U, No Limit forever
The world is ours
No Limit nigga, soldier - 4x
I got that tank tatted on my arm, cause I mean that
I call myself C-Murder dog, because I seen that
So call me a soldier brah, that's what I claim
Ain't no TRUer motherf**kers in this motherf**king game
It's No Limit, you don't wanna go to war with me
I make a call, and my niggas they gone fall with me
From Japan to the motherf**king CP3
Like a man I'll have you ducking nigga f**king with me
Steady bucking at shows, b**ches, G's and hoes
Take off your clothes, nobody knows I'm getting blowed and blowed
Nigga, I told you when I get older, I'ma get bolder
And colder nigga, a motherf**king No Limit Soldier
(Chorus - 4x)
So many haters in the 2G, I'm hanging with my girl
She strapped to the chrome, now, and the handle pearl
A lot of fakers hating thinking they can take me
Then jumped off the porch ain't seen more than a G
I be a skinny nigga from Uptown, Parkway to be exact
No Limit Soldier thought I told you hit your block with choppas and macs
Told you, don't stale exhale, you better ask somebody
We got to cop the blow like V-12
Rolling like rovados on Cadillac trucks
Having all them bustas inside like the lightning struck
T-R-U, out that 1-2-3 you heard
Ain't No L-I-M-I to the T b**ch
(Chorus - 4x)
Want to swang that tank round dog I'm real with this sh*t
You got a problem I hit em like the lightning hit
Look, straight from the top when it drop it's a thundering sound
So salute, to my people when they come around
I'm straight off the block nigga I'm TRU to this sh*t
If you dishing out a hit, I'ma take the b**ch
I'ma make your people mad, make em come to coat
If you ain't with the rap sh*t then don't you cope
With target cards, them hoes they like it
Cause it's W-A-N-G, them niggas don't like me
If you step to me, then it's T-R-U
If I have to make a call I'ma call that nigga Boo cause I'm a
Soldier - 2x
(Chorus - 3x)

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