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Cloudscape - Mooi lyrics

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Mooi by Cloudscape

The coming of the new Overlordian
I I be the boy within the man so why try
I never needed comp, I never wanted comp
I feels I exceeded the skills needed
I'm rough with the stuff enough puff they got
But they not the shot, I got the proof
Aloof, type fella, helluva guy
I love myself, and my high
Roll with finks and if it's essential
Yo even if it don't mean shit, I will convince you
Since, you, never been in my brain
You probably never noticed the array of the pain
But I gain, no pain no gain no brain no sane
thoughts, will be maintained, so I keep my head on
Can't be fuckin with that buddha too of-ten
I'm new to that, but I'm true to that
Due to mack policies, I need to know if I know
This is Me-O-Mi-O-Why
Me-O-Mi-O (repeat 8x)
I'm tryin to let the fly know, what I know
I never been a shy bro, strictly getting, ends
Hitting, skins, along with men, who set, trends
I base my reasoning
Upon Casual, having nuff seasoning
And plus I please a Queen, when I choose too
Never can decide which one, to give juice to, hah
I'm always with a dip on a trip
And if baby wanna flip, she can, skip
Similar to rattles, so I apply the proper poetry used
to gets flames thrown promptly, with my prowess
I live a life of malice, but still I feel
that I will never forget, who my pal is
So now you need to learn or know like I know
The info, is in Me-O-Mi-O-Why
The autobiography of me
Misconstrued thoughts of my pops made me be
This one rude individual when my mood is in the critical
stages it's pitiful the way I get the pull
Flame from the mysteries, so I twist the G's that's around me
Releasing frustration by clowning
But now think of those who ain't exposed behind closed doors
That I post more than I really do
But really who's to blame? No scapegoat, I just shape dope
Wishin to make over a career
But will I say, when my parents say, rap won't stay
Don't they know, yet they won't show, as I flow
Keepin the rhymes constant, John spent, time in rhymin
So I'm sure that I'm gonna get mine then
The end, come dine with my family and friends
And a calamity, couldn't cram the G when I be-gin

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