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Circle Jerks - Patty's Killing Mel lyrics

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Patty's Killing Mel by Circle Jerks

Good as dead, stays cool, the meat stays warm sh*t is coming on, read the signs, sound the alarms patty's killing mel senseless murder i can tell patty's killing mel cocktail send him in to hell diggin' up a bone, you can't tell him not to eat is it safe? a deadly game, i will repeat susie's killing sal bobby's killing joe their blood, who's to know? . killing dale sally' killing sam get to close you'll understand patty? yes mel? is that dustbin in the counter? does this mean you don't love me anymore? patty's killing mel high rise and condo jail patty's killing mel hide the keys, raise the bail patty's killing mel right next to the danger zone patty's killing mel down the block close to your home patty's killing mel

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