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Cianide - One-Thousand Ways To Die lyrics

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One-Thousand Ways To Die by Cianide

Death stalking helpless victims
Feeding off incessant screams
Dead conscious, endless bloodshed
Carnage and suffering
Sexual depraved motivation
In trance like blasphemy
Freed from human emotion
Remorseless apathy
Cursed into this world, unbridled lust to kill
Offering of your flesh, justified hatred
Lost human condition, forced living a lie
Denial killer instinct, one thousand ways to die
Lustful sins prevail, morbid thoughts remains
Subconscious voice controls, killing starts again
Blood assures redemption
Violent ecstasy
Torture rites abominate
Inhuman laws of pain
Time for retribution
Vengeance is the law
All of men shall suffer
Marcy I have lost

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