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Bloody Gaya Fulfilled

by Chthonic


Bloody Gaya Fulfilled Song Lyrics

Bloody Gaya Fulfilled by Chthonic

Festive day, celebrated by high-ranks
Unaware of danger approaching
Autumn winds starts
Icy omen
Seediq wrath gros, unjust oppression
Clan brothers meet, plotting rebellion
Colony flag flies
Mocking beacon
Sons of the Rmdax tasing
Silenced voices, inner clamor
Accumulations of crippling hate
Impossible to forgive
Dawn, greets the rising red sun
Led by the Elder Rudao Mona
Stealth, six clans united
To slake their thirst for revenge
Breaths cut off, as their heads fall
Shades formed as shodows shorten
Hunting knives hew down
Harvesting deaths
Woods shroud warrior attacks
Gun smoke marks their hurried passing
Breeze sweeps away sadness
Clearing the road to fiery hell
War Cries signaling the cleansing of enemies
Headless bodies
Litter the ground
Wrath-filled eyes scoured
Enemy base of former despots
Arrogance tarnished
Splattered by red
Wushe shaken, red sun flags fallen
Umbrage rises from dead comrades
Opposing wind seethe
Outraged, Provoked
Seediq, with unbridled fury
Blades stabbing holes, bleeding life
Colony flag torn
Broken beacon
Sons of the Rmdax Tasing
Dying gurgles glut their bloodlust
Seasons of scorn and derision
Freed by their actions

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