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Jhazz Never Spelled So Good Lyrics

by Christiansen


Jhazz Never Spelled So Good Song Lyrics

Jhazz Never Spelled So Good by Christiansen

Melt out of breakdown hits, they make our fingers break yearning to attain a new hole and make a living in it
Style's out of control
Can I turn it now? Mold us to a new wardrobe, new sight, and old sound
This record's moving revolutions per lifetime, form the killing, it gets a hold on you
Black shines from the large wall of choices, disturbance, it stains in blue
My collar's up for the lost ambition, scr*p the plan and its affliction, sell the growing addiction, Take a chance to live it day by day
Cram the mind with contradictions, cross the line of captious filth, order salvage for attrition, my collar's up for the way they make us dance math jigs
Trace the bliss ignorant death prize
Rather I would say that this world should end
Marketed by fate our only hero shakes
His walls are closing in
Elevated traits rape the pearly gates
The trumpet bones glisten

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