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Retreat Lyrics

by Chris Rock


Retreat Song Lyrics

Retreat by Chris Rock

I have hurt you with a bullet from my tongue
My eyes have fired a shot much like a gun
I want to undo the things i've done
But i'm paralysed

The sword that i use is worn with rust
These weapons of war should turn to dust
I'm a benedict arnold you can't trust
Please don't hang me now

I was wounded on the battleground you see
And my blinded eyes they could not see
So i'm holding out the white flag on my knees
I will retreat

I've been digging in these trenches for so long
And the hole i'm sitting in is deep as sin
And this war's been dragging on for so long
Who ever wins?


Well the smoke on the plain has slowy drifted
It's been a long time since i've seen a sunny day
And the veil over my eyes has been lifted
It's fallling away

I am leaving the battleground you see
And i'm hoping you'll leave here with me
So i''m crying out baby on my knees
Come and retreat
Yes i'm crying out baby on my kness
Come and retreat

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