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Yahweh Lyrics

by Chen Wang Emmanuel


Yahweh Song Lyrics

Yahweh by Chen Wang Emmanuel

Solo verse:
When I look around me
All these blessings wey I dey see
There’s no denying that you’ve been the one for me
Unconditionally see,
You’ve loved me through times of hurt
When i face catastrophes
I know you’re guiding light
’cause nothing’s wrong, all is always right
But i’ve been wronged by other men and gods that i’ve tried to seek
None compares to you, my alpha
And you are my omega, you are my lord, my maker
Only you are my Jehovah, yeah
Yahweh oh yahweh
I lift my hands to you x2
Jehovah jireh oh jireh
I lift my voice to you x2
Vocal interlude
Solo verse:
Yes i know you created everything for your pleasure
But I’m having fun too, ’cause I was created like you
And no good thing ever passes me by
Besides they all come from you
Nobody fit love me the way you do.
But I’ve been faced by trying times when I wanna walk away
But your love constrains me everyday
And you are my Yahweh,my Jehovah Jireh
Na only you fit show me the way.
I’m hiding under the shadow of love
Under the wings of your grace
Your might and your power
Overwhelmed that all my sorrows are gone
And you’ve never let me go
You are with me every hour

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