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Standing Alone Lyrics

by Chen Wang Emmanuel


Standing Alone Song Lyrics

Standing Alone by Chen Wang Emmanuel

Just like the moon draws close tonight
So are my fears close to my heart
I don’t even know what to do
Just like rain keeps falling down
So my tears are on the ground
I don’t Understand why
Chorus 1
I’m standing alone
Surrounded by pain
With no one to reach and tell me what I’m feeling inside
Will you hear my cry
I don't wanna die
Till my time is right
God understands
I’m Standing alone
Verse 2
Have you ever felt so lonely
When there is no friend around
That shame that you cannot hide
And you feel like you’re gonna die
Just hold unto his word
He will never let you down
My God will never fail you
When all hope is lost
Yes Jehovah sees
He will never fail you
He will never let you down
Chorus 2
You’re not standing alone
You’re surrounded by God
He’s the one to tell you what you feel inside
He has heard you cry
You’re not gonna die
Till your time is right
I understand
You’re not standing alone.

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