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Blind to life

by Cheez


Blind to life Song Lyrics

Blind to life by Cheez

You can't see what is going on in this world
You can't hear the sounds of the planet
You can't touch what this place has planed out for you (for you)
All your senses have been erased and you'll never get them back

You say you can see?
You say you can hear?
Well it may be true
But not to the world

If you can't understand what I'm saying,
You might as well give up(echoes)
You need to learn to see in the eyes of this world
You'll be blind forever if you don't try now

(reapeat all from begining to end)
You need to grasp this information
And you better use it quick
Your senses fade more and more
as time does fades some more

Your time is running short
(verse 1)

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