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Arkansas Lyrics

by Charles Manson


Arkansas Song Lyrics

Arkansas by Charles Manson

[Girls whispering/mumbling]

TALK [girls conversing]:
Really really like we struggle
I mean we struggle with ourselves you know
Big ol' struggle
You just struggle an' struggle until you struggle

Then you struggle
And there's no such thing as struggle-

SING [Charlie]:
Far far down Arkansas
There lived a squatter with a stubborn jaw
His nose was droopy red and his whiskers grey
He could fiddle all the night and all the day (far far away)

Came a traveller down a road
Ask if he could find an inn
Can I find an inn
C'mon can I find an inn
Far far down Arkansas
Here come a government man talkin' to my pa
He told 'im uh, I gots to go to school
I gotta learn to be a gosh durn fool (far far away)
(far far away, far far away)

Far far down Arkansas
I was a squatter with a stubborn jaw (far far away)
My nose is droopy red an' my whiskers grey
'Cause the magical mystery tour has taken me away
(Taken me away) taken me away

Far far down Arkansas
I was my mother I was my pa (raised a squatter)
A gov'ment man and a-whiskey still too
And everywhere I'm a-lookin' at you

Far far down Arkansas
Are you stubborn look at your droopin' jaw

Smile (aahh...)

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