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Charles Hamilton - Ringtone Rap lyrics

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Ringtone Rap by Charles Hamilton

Yea man this should be great
It's charles hamilton
Jockin C.H.
Jockin C.H.
Jock jockin C.H.
I feel how that sound
Verse 1:
Bling bling is team ts thing
Yes you may scream
But blessed to make beats
But step with great feet
To stretch the pavement
In a special way please
Yes you may breathe
That was the message left for mickey
You don't know my name but let me explain geez
A whole verse can't catch your attention
Now watch me come back with a sentence
That will actually mention why I'm rappin
Sadistic is the rappin
But lets get to the matter
Gold objects give me powers
I do it five minutes
It takes you 50 hours
I think I diserve a lil bling
Not your lil bling but a pure lil thing called a grammy
Is that too much to ask
The winner is
Why ask what's up with that
(Over "single ladies" chorus)
I make dope shit
There he go quick
So grammy committee
Come put a ring on it
It was always my dream
Nah mean
All I want you to do is
Put a ring on it
Since I liked it well I'm gonna
Put a ring on it
Since I liked it well I'm gonna
Put a ring on it
Don't get mad if you see that she want it
Cause imma get her if you didn't
Put a ring on it
Verse 2:
My fault hov
That's wifey and all
But on the mic I don't fall
Who's nicer than charles
Name a rapper
Imma entertainer thought
Rip his facial off
Make the shit a paper ball
Put some drums behind it
And I can have you sittin for a month
In silence
Come and find him stylin
But my punches are harder
Come at a smarter
Off the top
I be stuntin on barbers
So get your wig twist
Back bend ya head
My name is pa-sed
Charles hamilton lay in ya bed
Say I'm the best
And you'll be savin your rest
I don't play with the vets
I know the names of the reps
This game is a mess
So I'm takin over last letter in sonic
First in hedgehog
Rappin livin honestly
Most of you dead dogs
Is just mini dogs
And imma hamilton
Did my point get across
Verse 3:
And it don't stop til I cross power
Not even death can divour
Where I rest cause I'm louder
I really don't rest in da shower
But I step with the power
And my breakfast is vowels
Lunch is nouns
For dinner I'm munchin down
A bunch of clowns
Who wants it now
I can't help it
It was nothin new in school
Publicly a fool it sucks to be this cool

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