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Chancellorpink - Don't Move Away lyrics

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Don't Move Away by Chancellorpink

mummy she stayed home
while daddy went to work
and after school we played
and 'round the dinner table we all prayed
we loved our god
who tucked us in our sheets
before the mummy died
before this emptiness destroyed my sleep
don't move away
don't move away from me now
i count on you at night instead of sheep
stuck on the wall
the letter that you sent
gone to new york city, florida
and every other place you went
don't move away, baby
don't move away from me now
you still have the dvd i lent
do you believe that death
will take me when you take your breath
to climates that are miles away
i'll make believe you chose to stay
now as the years march on
my life just limps along
i just can't find a place
to live, create -- to celebrate your face
you moved away, baby
you moved away from me then
and now the only lovely future is the end
i built a dream
i watched it die
and now the only lovely greeting is goodbye

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