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Conjuration For Choronzon Lyrics

by Centurian


Conjuration For Choronzon Song Lyrics

Conjuration For Choronzon by Centurian

Into the triangle drawn of blood
Empty my innards of all that is holy
Ripping the Aethyrs with chants of dispersion
Ritual offerings quiver and bleed

Magickal pact of reasonless hatred
Signs of madness infinite horror
Apparitions and absurd angles
Opens the world between living and dead
I call unto Zax! Tehom Quadmoneh
Nothingness which creates and destroys
Choronzon come! By the chaos that moves me
Manifest and multiply your evil!

Terminal darkness disseminate
Pandemonic corruption devours my body

Force into form - my shape shall be yours
Now kill me again and create me anew!

Let my total will be done!

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